POLFA S.A. is a company specialized in international trade of drugs and services in pharmaceutical sector.

We operate on Central and Eastern Europe markets (for example: Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria) as well as on Asian (for example: Vietnam, Kazakhstan) and many more.

We are significant importer of API’s and pharmaceutical chemicals. We organize delivers directly from the warehouse as well as on individual orders of our clients.

We offer:

  • Export department outsourcing for any EU pharmaceutical manufacturer (especially from Poland),
  • Evaluation of market chances of introducing new products into foreign markets,
  • Introducing new products into foreign markets along with the registration and promotion,
  • Introducing to EU market drugs, supplements of diet and medical devices manufactured in CIS countries,
  • ready-made medicines of all therapeutic groups,
  • pharmaceutical substances (both active and supplementary),
  • glass, plastic, cardboard and metal packaging items for medicines, cosmetics, household chemistry and food products,
  • foreign pharmaceutical marketing, creating and running sales force abroad.

We have our own warehouse, which is fully adopted for storing medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances (including narcotic and  psychotropic ones).

We provide professional market information, comprehensive support in sales, marketing and registration of medicinal products.

Through our company you can get an access to difficult to reach markets where our company has earned an unique position for many years of trade relations.

With our help foreign partners, saving time and money, can reach our clients – Polish pharmaceutical companies, which offer wide range of European quality medicines at reasonable prices.

We are the owner of the well-known and valuable POLFA trade mark.

To provide fast and efficient customer service, POLFA uses an international chain that includes: the representative offices in Moscow (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Minsk (Belarus) Kiev (Ukraine), Sofia (Bulgaria), Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City(Vietnam), POLFA HUNGARIA Kft subsidiary company in Budapest (Hungary), as well as longstanding agents.


As exporters, we operate mainly (but not exclusively) on Asian (Vietnam, Kazakhstan) and both Central and Eastern European (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria and many other) markets. We provide comprehensive support for foreign transactions, as well as a reliable and stable level of sales..