POLFA S.A. has applied for funds for a Project co-financed of by the European Union from The European Regional Development Fund as a part of Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” years 2007-2013, priority VI – Polish Economy on the international market, Measures 6.5 – Promotion of polish economy, Sub-measure 6.5.2. – Supportfor the participation of entrepreneurs in the promotion programs.


Measure 6.1. - "Passport to export" 

Project title: „Implementation of export development strategy/conception by the Polfa S.A.”

The mail aim of the project is to implement the export development strategy/conception, what will increase a share of export in whole business activity of Polfa S.A. by come onto the new foreign markets: Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Moldovan, Georgian, Uzbek, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The main aim is compatible with Measures 6.1 „Passport to Export” aims:

  1. Increasing of polish export quantity: export activity of Polfa S.A. is marginal currently and because of the export development strategy realization the meaning of the export might increase for the company, together with increase of global value of polish export.
  2. Promoting of Poland and polish economy: Polfa S.A. offers high quality products, which outstand from the ones, which belonges to competitors. Those products are great showcase of polish sector of medical devices and it builds the image of national economy as a modern and ecological.
  3. Because of project realization, Polfa S.A. will be able to gain advantages as a part of measure 6.1. aims.

Measure 8.2. - "Support for the implementation of electronic business of the B2B type"

Project title: Implementation of electronic B2B class system to support business processes of cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

Planned B2B system implementation will automate all basic processes between company and business partners (customers and suppliers). Electronic modules implementation will allow to automate following business processes:

  • Products ordering
  • Import
  • Product offering
  • Contracting
  • Sales realizations, including export
  • Settlements
  • Realization of prices and bonuses policy
  • Warehouse turnover
  • Foreign sale documentation
  • Controlling of sales, reserves, settlements, profitability
  • Clients and company’s team rating

The project will be integrating of the most importing suppliers and clients of the company, including foreign ones, who are already the long term partners for Polfa S.A.


As exporters, we operate mainly (but not exclusively) on Asian (Vietnam, Kazakhstan) and both Central and Eastern European (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria and many other) markets. We provide comprehensive support for foreign transactions, as well as a reliable and stable level of sales..