Polish drugs, which were exported to East for almost 60 years by Polfa, were always associated by patients with high quality and competitive price. We want to build on this tradition and present modern drugs under Polfa trade to our export markets.


We are the largest Polish agent in the international trade of medicinal products. Striving to smoothly continue the growth of our company, we have been increasing the level and expanding the range of our services, while tightening co-operation with the Polish pharmaceutical industry.

We want that the logo of POLFA be associated in Poland and on all of our export markets with good pharmaceuticals available to anyone and supplied always and everywhere by our company, and that the name of POLFA Inc. be a synonym of reliability and professionalism.

Our motto is quality and goodwill.


As exporters, we operate mainly (but not exclusively) on Asian (Vietnam, Kazakhstan) and both Central and Eastern European (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Bulgaria and many other) markets. We provide comprehensive support for foreign transactions, as well as a reliable and stable level of sales..