CRYO-S ElectricTM. State-of-the-art cryosurgical device manufactured by Polish producer is the new generation of apparatus recommended by many experts in the field since 1992. Cryo-S Electric II is controlled by microprocessor, and all parameters are displayed on LCD screen.

CRYO-S Electric II device - smart technology, new standard in cryosurgery. What is new?

  • Mode selection, cleaning the probe and freezing can be performed automatically using foot switch or touch panel so that the site of a lesion remains sterile. 
  • Electronic comunication (chip system) between the main device and the connected cryoprobe. Unit recognizes optimal operating parameters and auto-configures to probe characteristics.
  • Pressure and gas flow are set automatically, any manual adjustment is not necessary
  • Contains automatic probe cleaning system and two freezing modes (continuous and discontinuous)

Cleaning may be performed in two modes:

standard – cryoprobe is cleaned before each procedure for several seconds and than few seconds of testing freezing is performed. In this mode cryoprobe is tested and prepared according to parameters programmed on attached microchip. When such preparation is finished cryoprobe is ready for freezing.

service – it starts automatically when decreased flow rate in cryoprobe or cryoprobe blockage is noticed. It can be performed also during the procedure. Service mode is diagnosing and solving problems caused by previous improper use of the cryoprobe, improperly performed sterilization or low quality of gas.


Standard cleaning mode service cleaning mode

both modes are fully automatic and do not require user intervention. Device using texts on the screen and voice communicates informs about preparation to the procedure or beginning and end of the cleaning.Innovative solution for cryoprobe cleaning guarantees high reliability of the equipment and increases safety and efficiency of the procedure.

  • Mode selection, cleaning the probe and freezing can be performed automatically using footswitch or touch screen, so that the site of a lesion remains sterile.
  • Gas pressure and flow are set automatically, manual adjustment is not necessary.
  • Temperature of the probe, pressure, gas flow, time of the procedure are displayed during freezing.


The working medium for Cryo-S series devices is nitrous suboxide(N2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2), very efficient and easy to use gases. A 10 liter cylinder  serves for approximately 60 - 75 patients. In contrast to liquid nitrogen, both gases can be stored safely in steel cylinders and without losses.